Press On Nails Tutorials & FAQs


How to best apply press on nails using adhesive stickers so they are long-lasting.


How to best remove press on nails without hurting your natural nails.

How To Use Adhesive Stickers

How To Remove Adhesive Stickers

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the press on nails reusable?

Yes, when used with adhesive stickers, our press on nails are reusable for up to 5 times when carefully cared for.

Press on nails are not reusable when applied with liquid nail glue.

What are the shipping rates?

For each order, allow for a processing time of 4-7 business days, and a shipping time of additional 4-7 business days.

Are size and shape customizable?

Yes, the sizes and shapes of each set can be customized to your liking! However, keep in mind that the designs are not changeable.

Still have questions? Email us and get a response within 48 hours!